Warranty & Disclaimer

1. Subject to the following clauses:

1.1. Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd of 59 Quarry Road Stapylton in the State of Queensland, warrants that the products, and, if any, services specified overleaf (“Goods”) are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from the original date of purchase, and

1.2. if a goods fail to operate for any reason within the warranty period and the Goods is returned to Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd at the purchaser’s expense, Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd will repair or replace the Goods free of charge.

2. All returns for credit must be made within 14 days with Original Invoice. Goods returned between 14&28 days will incur 10% charge. Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd will not except any returns after 28 days.

3. The Goods must not have had its serial number removed, defaced, changed nor have been tampered with in any other way.

4. Failure of the Goods must not be due to misuse, improper installation (except installation arranged in connection with the supply of the Goods), connection to the wrong voltage, or other abuse.

5. Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd will not be responsible for damage or loss due to any labour to remove or replace Goods or other product, loss of work, downtime, towing costs, recovery costs or freight costs.

6. Any liability of Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd:

6.1. in relation to engines, only extends to major components; for example, crankshafts, cylinder blocks and cylinder heads:

6.2. does not extend to oil consumption or oil leaks:

6.3. in relation to gearboxes, differentials and steering boxes, does not extend to failure due to improper adjustment, fitting or shock loading (except installation arranged in connection with the supply of the Goods): and

6.4. does not extend to any product or, if any service that is not Goods (even if the failure of that product or if any, service due to the failure of Goods).

7. Expenses incurred in connection with making a claim that this Warranty and Disclaimer should be honoured are to be borne by the purchaser.

8. Any Goods which are found to be faulty due to abuse, misuse or improper installation (except installation arranged in connection with the supply of the Goods) shall be charged to the Purchaser at Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd.’s current hourly rate.

9. The purchaser does not rely on the skill or judgement of Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd in supplying the Goods.

10. Except as provided in this Warranty and Disclaimer, Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd, its members, servants or agents are absolved from all liability howsoever arising from injury damage howsoever cause (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of the Goods.

11. To the fullest possible extent, all warranties express or implied and whether arising by virtue of statute or otherwise which are inconsistent with this Warranty and Disclaimer are hereby expressly negated and excluded from this Warranty and Disclaimer.

12. Notwithstanding any other clause, whether or not this Warranty and Disclaimer applies to any specific Goods is at the absolute discretion of Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd.

13. The benefits conferred by this Warranty and Disclaimer on a consumer (as defined in section 6 of the Fair-Trading Act 1989) as amended, are in addition to all other rights and remedies had by the consumer in law in respect of the Goods.

14. Beenleigh Truck Parts Pty Ltd is not responsible for failure of any crack testing procedure performed at a machine shop.

15. Any warranty claim will only be recognized in our workshop, unless authority given.

16. For approved credit account, settlement by the end of month following invoicing. Accounts not paid within the 30 days from the last day of the month during which the purchase is made will incur a monthly administration fee of $25.00. Accounts outstanding after 60 days will be placed on “Stop Credit” until payment of all outstanding debt is received. Accounts outstanding after 90 days will be forwarded to a debt collection agency, with all cost and interest being met by customer.

17. Title of goods not pass until payment is received in full.